Let’s begin at the end

If you’re like most people who find themselves in the position of being a sponsor of a 401(k) or other retirement plan, you worry over making an error in judgment compounded with the fear of not knowing what you don’t know are all too common issues. And that’s understandable. The creation and management of retirement programs can seem daunting – particularly when retirement planning is not your area of expertise. There are many fiduciary obligations that come with your role as a plan sponsor, from monitoring investment to reporting plan operations to your employees and the government. Thomas Doll works as your guide through this morass of must-haves and must-dos. Our sole purpose is to get you where you want to be – sponsoring a plan that is key to every participants’ financial goals for retirement.

Comprehensive is another word for relief

Comprehensive is another word for relief There are many differences between Thomas  Doll and others in the field. Providing a comprehensive retirement plan solution is certainly among them. What we mean by comprehensive is a customized solution that delivers everything you and your participants need to realize your financial dreams. With Thomas  Doll you’ll be able to deliver an understandable retirement program to your employees with customized enrollment kits and communication tools; keep on top of plan due diligence with ongoing fund monitoring; streamline your plan administration; and have a team dedicated to ensuring that your program runs smoothly and efficiently. In every respect, your needs will be met, your questions answered and your employees reassured that their retirement plans are safe and secure.

Fortune 100 benefits for the non-Fortune 100

Thomas  Doll specializes in serving professional practices-such as physicians, dentists, attorneys, accountants and owner-managed, small to mid-sized companies. Thus, we are very sensitive to the environment of smaller businesses. We know that you have the same requirements for competitive benefit programs as a Fortune 100 firm, but that you operate with more limited resources – resources needed throughout your company or practice.

Making the numbers make sense

Besides meeting the unique needs of your business, a retirement plan has to be affordable. With Thomas Doll it will be. We deliver flexibility and guidance in a conflict-free environment. All fees and charges are fully disclosed. There are no hidden fee arrangements, revenue-sharing or kick-backs to third parties.

Flexibility, guidance and choices

Thomas Doll offers a full-circle of services including wealth management. As an SEC-registered investment advisor, Thomas Doll provides you with an appropriate selection of diversified, flexible strategies and not a mind-boggling and intimidating abundance of mutual fund choices. Your participants can select from a core investment menu of various lifestyle portfolios to suit their desires to balance risk and reward. The portfolio components are no-load, low cost institutional class mutual funds.

Get it down in writing

Every effective retirement plan should have a written investment policy statement. An investment policy outlines and prescribes a prudent and acceptable investment philosophy and sets out the investment management procedures and long-term goals for the investor. A written investment policy allows retirement plan fiduciaries to clearly establish the prudence and diversification standards that they want the investment process to maintain. Plan sponsors should develop a written policy as the net effect increases the likelihood that the plan will be able to meet the financial needs of the plan participants. Thomas Doll works with you and creates a clear, concise, informative written policy statement.